Sunday, March 14, 2010


Yesterday was the first run for Running Grrrl. And as Erin said, it was beautiful and more than we could of ever expected. Beyond even being surprised by the amount of women that showed up, I found myself more in awe of their commitment and determination to succeed at something so new. These women I can tell are gonna be fierce! The best part of being on a team is that we're trying our best, not only for ourselves but for the betterment of the team.  We all have different reasons for running, which is what makes this team unique. Some of us it's really just about getting stronger physically, others, it's the serious difference between loving or hating ourselves. What excites me is that we're all gonna have a safe place to explore these things, pushing ourselves and each other to become better wives, sisters, girlfriends, moms. Sooo, hopefully we'll make a believer outta all you ladies and you'll decide to come out and get sweaty with us! (keep your dirty comments to yourself:)

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