Monday, March 15, 2010

Meet Krista!!!

Meet Krista aka Buck Wild!!!

1. What are the top three must have songs on your iPod?  
How about bands...Alkaline Trio, Fall Out Boy, Carry On!
 2. If there were a movie made about your life, who would play you?
Kelly Osbourne...why not?
 3. What do you order at In N Out?
cheeseburger with spread & pickles only - sometimes a grilled cheese
 4. Angelina or Jen?
Jen for sure! Angelina is just weird.
 5. Lipstick or mascara, and why?
Mascara! I think I look weird with lipstick
 6.What’s your guilty pleasure?
 Lots & lots of TV. We DVR so many shows it's crazy.
 7. Winter, spring, summer or fall?  And why?
  I really like Fall, especially when I lived in Chicago, it was so amazing. But summer is right behind.
8. Why do you run?  Or why do you want to start running?
I'm a beginner, and I started because I want to lose 40 pounds and be a healthier person. I want to have a body that's "in shape"!

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