Sunday, March 28, 2010

B*tche$ Run Crazy!

On Saturday we had a lot of new ladies come out, which was awesome! During the team huddle we asked who was going to be running their first 10K when we do Miracle Miles. There were a lot of hands that went up, which was so inspiring! We haven't discussed it with the team entirely but some of us "Team Captains" or "Coaches", whatever you wanna call us, have talked about whether we would run as a team from start to finish or allow everyone to run at their own pace. Having given it more thought, we feel that because there are so many of you who are running your first race it's important for you all to have an opportunity to set your own Personal Record (PR). Being that it's your first one, it's going to be your own personal bar that you're setting...and being that Running Grrrl is all about personal best we want you to feel the freedom to give it your all, at whatever pace feels comfortable for you. We are a team that encourages and nurtures personal goals and in this process some are going for time and some are going for sheer bragging rights, "that's right sucka, I ran a 10K!" Either attitude is important to us because it's important to you.  And as you achieve these goals we know that you're going to use that new found sense of strength and empowerment to help raise up those sisters around you.
Having said all this, I'm sure there's still a few of you who are a little nervous about signing up because that familiar voice of doubt is setting in...6 miles is a long way...I just started running...what if I can't finish?! I'll say this to you, YOU CAN DO IT! Why? Because you're not alone.  We are a team and it's like the Marines, "No Woman Left Behind". These runs will be like each practice, one of us will always be in the back...wether we're jogging, walking, or dragging you across the finish line:) Since I love carrying a whistle and yelling in your ear, "pick it up, woman!" (just kidding), I will be the one in the back and the last Running Grrrl to cross the finish line. And  to all you little leggers who are kickin' booty in the front, I expect you all to circle around a little and yell us in! (I'm hoping for one of those obnoxious horns that those drunk, painted faced fans always have in the stands of football games.)
Lastly, know that your race counts to us and to the team. We are all inspired by everyone else's stories, whether it be you're a mom with five kids, a young woman finding her niche, or a woman trying to run through the heartache of her past...give us a chance to cheer you on and be a part of your Running Grrrl story.  Get signed up, get sweaty, and get strong!!
Lealah aka Her Broyle(s) Highness


  1. Thanks Lealah and team for inspiring me to get off my booty and run! I know I haven't officially joined y'all yet, but your group had got me running at least 2 days a week along with my other exercise routine. I have been running with my husband and kiddos (in the double jogger, friends, and solo. I have to admit that although I still don't prefer running as my choice of exercise or fun(somehow the bugs always seem to find my mouth), something in my body is starting to crave it! I find myself laying in bed at night thinking about when my next run will be. I've only been at it for 3 weeks and I am hooked! I will be out of town the weekend of Miracle Miles for my sweet nephew's 2nd birthday, but I think I want to do a race soon! That said, thanks again for encouraging me through this group of wonderful ladies.

    Best Shape of our Lives...Inside and Out,

    Drea aka Dr. Dre

  2. I signed up for Miracle Miles last night. I'm so excited for my first official run!