Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Like any other day...

Today started like any other day: alarm, pee, get dressed, look at cell phone....this isn't going to be like any other day. Email titled "Girls Running Club..." staring back at me. Me, bleary eyed, 4:15am. My eyes focus and my heart starts pounding. Wait, what?! Two days ago a thought passed through my mind as I was running that I was ready to start something new, something meaningful, something that would get me out of my head and into action. And here it was, the other piece to my puzzle. It's a running club but it's so much's a common voice, a movement, a call to get up and get moving! I think this is the end of my "any other days".



  1. ...of course you could have also changed it up by eliminating the daily morning 'pee'...kinda hard to generate a movement with that though.

  2. I'm ready to be inspired by you and your girls Miss Lealah!!!