Sunday, March 7, 2010

Running Grrrl Update!

We sent this out to you if we have your email address... if we don't give it to us so we can keep you updated!

We appreciate everyone's enthusiasm about our new running group!  We were just discussing what we'd like to do with all of this and what we'd like to accomplish.  I'm sure you all have thoughts and ideas to contribute so let us know!

Here's what we've come up with so far...

We want this group to be a safe place for women to challenge themselves while enjoying the entire experience.  This is an opportunity for us women to encourage each other and empower ourselves.  We are all equals in this process.  This is not a competitive team but rather a team that will be comfortable leaning on each other to go the extra mile.  We all have different motives for running and different goals we're trying to achieve and this team can and will become your greatest support system.  The Running Grrrl team wants to see every woman reach her greatest potential.  

Some of our short term goals are...

-Our very first goal is getting a team of committed women, who are interested in bettering themselves and giving back to other women in their community.
-Having scheduled runs once a week, although some of us won't be able to make it to every one.
-Choosing a race that we can all sign up for together, for example, a 5k or 10k.
-Once you've committed to the team, be ready to have your profile and photo appear on (If you're ready to commit now, send your photo to and I'll post your picture and then get back to you with the profile questionnaire.)

A few of our long term goals...

-Organize our own run in our area.  Probably, a 5k, 10k and half marathon.  As a team, we'll choose a local charity or cause to donate the proceeds to.
-Each race that a Running Grrrl team member runs will be used to raise money for the cause or charity of her choice.
-Facilitate an outreach to the local high schools that would recruit a handful of young women, teach them the fundamentals of running and healthy eating habits, with our goal being to run a 10k together as a team.

Lastly, once you've committed to the team be thinking about your "roller derby girl name", because it will appear on our blog and on your team shirt.

One more thing, please don't be intimidated by the long term goals. We know that some of you are just starting and we are here to support you and encourage you at all stages of this process. So come out and get your sweat on!!!

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