Monday, March 22, 2010

Miracle Miles Fundraiser!

Lealah sent this out to everyone on our email list... some of you aren't on our email list so I thought I'd post it on our blog...

Hello Ladies!
I wanna thank all of you Running Grrrls who were able to sign up for the Miracle Miles for Kids this year! One of our main goals for the Running Grrrl team is to be able use our gift of running to bless other people, the fastest and easiest is through charity/fundraising events such as this one. The Miracle Miles for Kids is not just going to mark our first event together, it will hopefully mark the beginning of our work in the community. When you sign up for the run itself the money goes towards Family Care Network and the families they serve, however, Miracle Miles is also a yearly fundraiser that FCNI hosts to raise money for operating expenses for the following year. 
As many of you know, this is not a good time to live in the state of California. The state itself is in financial turmoil, which a lot of you may have experienced on a personal level, class sizes growing, after school programs being cut, etc. Well for a company like Family Care Network, these fiscal changes can truly mean the difference between life and death for some of the kids they serve. Sitting on the board for FCNI, I have personal knowledge of how this recession has and could continue to affect this company. It can be extremely discouraging knowing that not everyone in government views the health and safety of ALL children as not only important but a basic human right. But with companies like Family Care there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel! Family Care is a committed team of people dedicated to bettering the lives of the children and families they serve. Having worked for them as well I saw first hand how many families were positively affected by the work that this great company does. All this to say, here is our opportunity to poor into a company that not only needs it but deserves it!!
After you sign up for Miracle Miles for Kids, FCNI will be sending you a pledge packet. This packet will have a pledge sheet where you will have the opportunity to collect pledges of support for FCNI. I really want to encourage you ladies to call on those people who love you and support this positive step you're taking in your lives, by joining the running club and ask them to also support you in your race to help the children and families being served by FCNI. It's time to put our money where our mouths are, ladies!! According to our last count there were 12 girls who signed up for Miracle Miles...if we all raised even $100 dollars each, that means we're giving $1200! Please, give it your all, like you do when you're sweatin' your booty off on that last mile! I thank you, FCNI thanks you, and more importantly, the precious children of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties thank you!!
Lealah Broyles
Her Broyle(s) Highness

++If you would like to know more about Family Care Network and the families they serve or how you or someone you know can donate to FCNI, please go to

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