Sunday, May 16, 2010

Walk Away 5k Pictures!

Hi Grrrls!  Lacy here aka Lace Up & Go.  That's right, I finally have nickname.  I thank Mariah aka Shorty Schwarts for bringing it to my attention in her "Meet" post.  "Running for me is a release and is something I can do no matter where I am.  Lace up and go!"  Totally fitting and perfect!

I have tons of pictures to post from this event.  I asked my mom if she would be photographer, so you can all thank the crazy lady you saw in the bushes snapping your pictures as you ran by!  We had a great turn out of girls, and you all did great.  I should also mention that you are all so beautiful!  I mean that not only for the people you are and the joy I get from being in your company, but also because after going through these pictures, there were hardly any bad ones!  And seriously, who looks good when they run??  We do!  Because we're totally awesome and have sweet shirts so we stand out!  And it makes it even better that people are noticing!

I told my mom, "Can you take pictures of each girl as they run by or come through the finish line, or both?!!!"  I though it would be kinda nice to get some individual "in action" shots.  She did really well.  I'm sorry I don't have some of everyone, but the ones she did manage to get turned out great!  

I love meeting up with our team after the race.  It's the best part of the whole thing.  I like hearing how everyone did, what they thought about the run, what their experience was (like when they got lost and made the wrong turn - haha, sorry girls, I had to tease a little bit) basically just relaxing and feeling good about what we just did.

Of course, I have to mention our littlest Running Grrrl.  The proud, accomplished look on her face when she ran through the finish line was adorable.  So shout out to Lily for being amazing and completing her first 5k!  I don't think anyone can rock a tutu quite like you can! (Which I admit, I'm totally jealous of)!

Intimate Partner Violence, it even sounds dirty and terrible.  Like Erin (I think) said in the post before, you just don't think about that stuff happening around here in our quiet little community, but it does.  I never really thought about it before this run, but I guarantee you I will think of it more often now.  Being apart of this run, has opened my eyes to the difference we are making.  To know that my love (yes, I love it now) for running is in some way going to help a woman in her time of need, when she feels she has nowhere else to go, at a time when she feels lonely and scared....I can't explain how rewarding that makes me feel.  I hope it makes you all feel the same. 

SLO Women's Shelter 5k.

Yesterday we all got up early, laced up our shoes and headed to Laguna Lake park in San Luis.  Some of us were sick, a lot of us were tired, but we had a great morning!  We ran a 5k... a first for some of our Running Grrrl's!  And everyone did sooo good!!!  A lot of people asked about us... What we were about... what we do... how long we've been around...  It's pretty cool to see people interested in what we're doing.  And it's so great to be a part of this.  Days like yesterday affirm that what we are doing is right and good and it's changing lives.  I know for a fact that we feel good about this.  We feel good physically and we feel good mentally.  It's so nice to feel confident and good about ourselves!

Yesterday we ran for a great cause... to raise awareness about violence in our area.  We live in a beautiful area and a quiet area.  People don't talk much about this kind of thing... but it is happening out there.  And yesterday was used to put that out there.  The girl who put this event together, Emily, is an intern at the San Luis Women's Shelter.  She explained that violence is happening... even here... and the Women's Shelter is a safe haven for those that need it.

So it's nice to use the gift of running to support something like this.  It feels good.

*And a little shout out to Rachael!  Who ran a 5k yesterday, without stopping once!!!  Heck yes.  That is amazing.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Meet Jennifer...

Meet Jennifer aka Hook, Line & Sucka!

1. What are the top three must have songs on your iPod?  
Run This Town-Jay Z, Hard-Rihanna, Imma Be-B.E.P

 2. If there were a movie made about your life, who would play you?
I was mistaken for Sandra Bullock once, so I guess I would say her.  Plus I like how she handles her life.

 3. What do you order at In N Out?
Cheeseburger, Animal Style, Coke

 4. Angelina or Jen?
I truly feel that Jen and I were destined to be friends so lets just say that if I ever saw Angie, I would do my best not to kill her.  

 5. Lipstick or mascara, and why?
Um, neither.  But if I had to pick one I would say mascara because I feel like a hussy with lipstick on. 

 6. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Ridiculous television shows that I can't take my eyes off.  A.k.a Glee, Housewives of New York, Keeping up with the Kardashians

 7. Winter, spring, summer or fall?  And why?
Used to be spring until I had my son who has massive allergies, so now I would say fall.  I love the color of the leaves.  

8. Why do you run?  Or why do you want to start running?
I run to stay active, to stay healthy and to stay young.   Also to prove to myself that I can still do it!

Meet Mariah!

Meet Mariah aka Shorty Schwartz!

1. What are the top three must have songs on your iPod?   
This is sooo hard for me to answer! You see, I have secretly wanted to be a D.J. since I was really little...for reals! It is on my bucket list! Sooo to just choose 3 songs... It took me like 20 min to narrow it down to 5! I of course love The Black Eyed PeasLady GaGa and all the other hip hop, rap, R& B, name it I like it!  But, these 5 songs always get me going...1. Yung Berg-sexy lady 2. Goldfrapp-ooh la la 3.John Legend-alright 4. Lady Ga Ga- Teeth 5. Taio Cruz feat. Ludacris- Break your heart 6. September-cry for you . sorry, I had to add the sixth one!! Don't boot me off the team for having too many songs please!!
2. If there were a movie made about your life, who would play you? 
I do not know who would play me if my life were made into a movie...I can tell you if I had to choose a super model, it would be Cindy Crawford..I have loved her since I was eleven! Maybe Cindy will make her movie debut and play me and therefore I will have answered this question correctly!!
3. What do you order at In N Out? 
Double Double with grilled onions, french fries, and a chocolate shake. I do often sit in my booth and contemplate a second double double.
4. Angelina or Jen? 
tough question... I guess I would go see a movie if Jen where in it more than Angelina. I like them both though.
5.  Lipstick or mascara, and why? 
Mascara...I wear lip gloss...very rarely lipstick. so Mascara makes it easy! I have big eyes and long lashes, so mascara really makes them pop! Besides, half the time my lip gloss is off's usually all over my kids faces!  :)
6. What’s your guilty pleasure? 
My guilty pleasure is that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with a passion....Euro- pop!! One of my best friends is from the UK and goes back to Europe often and brings me back the best music! I would also add to that guilty love for the British.
7. Winter, spring, summer or fall?  And why? 
I think all of these questions are hard for me because I am a Libra!!! Am I choosing which season I like for running or just in general. I would say I love summer in general....all the other seasons have benefits for running too. I love summer because it is warm out, light out late, and in this town...everything is bright and beautiful. People are out and about buzzing around. There is concerts in the plaza, the best fruit at Farmers and...well life is pretty sweet, but even sweeter in the summer.

8. Why do your run or why do you want to start running? 
Why do I run? I have been running since I was 13 years old. I was always running around as a kid. But, running for running...that love affair began at 13.  I love running with music and just getting lost in thought. I have a lot of energy and to channel it into something physical is the best feeling. I love that runner's high...I even love running hill sprints. I have a "thing" for hills. Running for me is a release and is something I can do no matter where I am. Lace up and go! I love what running does for my body (even more once I have lost my baby weight) and what it does for me mentally. After I go for a run and have that time to myself, I can give even more to my family. I can handle whatever life has in store for me that day!

Meet Cheryl!

Meet Cheryl...

1.  What are the top three must have songs on your iPod?   
right now, a few on my playlist ... Lose Yourself by EminemFree by Holy CultureThis Is The Life by Amy MacDonald  

 2.  If there were a movie made about your life, who would play you?   
Courtney Cox ... only because of her neurotically-driven-OCD-character on Friends.  

 3.  What do you order at In N Out?   
cheeseburger with everything :)

 4.  Angelina or Jen?  
definitely Jen   

 5.  Lipstick or mascara, and why?   
I have crazy, dry lips so I have to wear chapstick first, then I can go wild on the lipstick.  definitely have to have mascara too since I barely have any lashes.

 6.  What’s your guilty pleasure?   
chocolate.  in all of its forms.  

 7.  Winter, spring, summer or fall?  And why?   
 fall!  this time is just perfect in Los Osos 

8.  Why do you run?  Or why do you want to start running?   
 I started running to prove to myself that asthma will no longer define my physical abilities.  it took awhile but I got there.  now, running is part of my routine.  I run because it feels good.  it helps me clear my mind.  it gives my body freedom to let loose.  I love that feeling of satisfaction after a long run.  never thought I would say this in a million years, but I truly LOVE running.