Sunday, May 16, 2010

SLO Women's Shelter 5k.

Yesterday we all got up early, laced up our shoes and headed to Laguna Lake park in San Luis.  Some of us were sick, a lot of us were tired, but we had a great morning!  We ran a 5k... a first for some of our Running Grrrl's!  And everyone did sooo good!!!  A lot of people asked about us... What we were about... what we do... how long we've been around...  It's pretty cool to see people interested in what we're doing.  And it's so great to be a part of this.  Days like yesterday affirm that what we are doing is right and good and it's changing lives.  I know for a fact that we feel good about this.  We feel good physically and we feel good mentally.  It's so nice to feel confident and good about ourselves!

Yesterday we ran for a great cause... to raise awareness about violence in our area.  We live in a beautiful area and a quiet area.  People don't talk much about this kind of thing... but it is happening out there.  And yesterday was used to put that out there.  The girl who put this event together, Emily, is an intern at the San Luis Women's Shelter.  She explained that violence is happening... even here... and the Women's Shelter is a safe haven for those that need it.

So it's nice to use the gift of running to support something like this.  It feels good.

*And a little shout out to Rachael!  Who ran a 5k yesterday, without stopping once!!!  Heck yes.  That is amazing.

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  1. Her Broyle(s) HighnessMay 16, 2010 at 5:08 PM

    Running Grrrls, it was so awesome to see us come together for this event. Don't know if you get People (my guilty pleasure) but the cover story is about Intimate Partner Violence and a young college girl just murdered with evidence pointing to an abusive ex-boyfriend. These issues are so real and effecting more people than we even realize. I love that we Running Grrrl's are using our gift of running to make a difference in the lives of so many people, especially women! I love you grrrls!! Stay strong and keep kickin' A-S-S!!