Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Thanks to everyone who came out and ran on Saturday, as usual it was great to see our regulars and especially nice to see some new faces! Faces we would love to see again but not on the back of a milk carton (cue intense theme music dun, dun, dun).

We would like to take this time to address a serious threat to our running team: not running grrrl gone wild, but simply running grrrl GONE.

We 'lost' our first grrrl. 

Our run began with the usual gusto and enthusiasm. Bier Me took the front (as she trains for London 2012), Her Broyle(s) Highness took the middle (and a potty break at Eclaire Bakery) and we entrusted Holla Back Girl to bring up the rear (an extremely important position in the running grrrl line up). The run began light and easy as we cruised through the village... however tunnel vision came over us as we ascended to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro James Way and we sprinted walked breathless, anxious to reach the plateau. 

Before we knew it, we were back at the Starbucks parking lot standing around casually sipping water and high fiving one another with our mouths full of G.O.R.P. It was then that Erin Go Brawl casually approached Holla Back Girl, with the innocent sentiment "where's my friend Erin?" Holla Back Girl's countenance fell as she realized her SEAL training had failed her "no man left behind" (not to mention the only reason we have someone run in the back is to make sure no one gets lost). We would like to say at this moment we all handled the situation with utmost grace and confidence but that's definitely not the case...cuz with Running Grrrl, B*tches always be crazy, so we did what seemed like the only reasonable thing to do: issued a statewide AMBER ALERT AMBER ALERT AMBER ALERT.

Our Amber Alert may be different than what you're used to... ours consists of running grrrl husbands circling James Way making semi frantic phone calls to the missing grrrl's family. Our situation turned from bad to worse as a call to Erin's cell phone immediately went to voicemail, and the husbands circled back around with an empty back seat.  At this time, Holla back girl did the only right thing to do... she left a tearful message on the missing girls voicemail telling her it would be nice to see her back at the group again, but she'd settle for just being able to SEE her again. And then she began placing the appropriate phone calls to the insurance company, as this laid us wide open to our first law suit. Just as we were ready to throw in the towel, suddenly  the clouds parted and the phone began to ring with cries of jubilation as Meggy Mayhem announced "she was lost but now she is found!" Let's just put it this way... it was better than waking up to a unicorn under your tree on Christmas morning. 

So, Erin if you're reading this, once again our deepest apologies for letting you run an extra 10K. And if you're still on the fence about running grrrl or still in preliminary talks with your lawyer, please know, your next run will be a safe one (as the appropriate changes have been made to the last girl running protocol) and you won't be left alone to be picked up by a trucker and sold into human trafficking.

We love you girls all the time, but especially when you're lost.

See you Saturday....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Miracle Miles

Hey Grrrls!  Lacy here.  I asked to guest post the pictures I took on the run, (not just because I wanted to take credit for them - haha), but also because I wanted to share with you guys gals what it means to me to be a part of this club.

I admit, I was really hesitant to join.  I didn't think I was going to know anyone, and it's always been difficult for me to take that leap into the unknown.  I didn't really take my running seriously.  I was just doing it for the exercise, to get outside, and mainly so I could continue to eat everything that's not good for me!  In the few weeks that I've been a Running Grrrl, I've really noticed a difference in my attitude.  You should have seen me the past 2 weeks preparing for Miracle Miles.  I came home every day from work, changed my clothes, laced up my shoes and hit the pavement.  I was in training mode!  I drove the backroads and mapped out a new route to run to make the scenery a little less dull and a little longer than my normal 4 mile route.  Miracle Miles was going to be my first real run.  If I was gonna do it, I was gonna do it right!

The kindness and encouragement I've received from so many of the Grrrls has been amazing.  I cannot thank you girls enough for making me feel welcome.  I look forward to our weekly meet ups and being amongst women who are so inspiring and admirable.  We all walk different walks, have taken different paths and lead different lives.  But when it comes time for that morning run, we are all there for ourselves, for each other, and for our club.  That just seems so unique to me.  I guess because running is something most people can't stand to do!

After our dinner Friday night, it made me more eager to get know you all.  I find it so interesting that of all our different ages, backgrounds, and everything else, that we all find time to come together and bond over our love of running.  Okay, so I admit, I don't really even LOVE running, but I do love being a part of this club.  And for the sake of being a part of the club, the like of running is definitely growing to love!

For a long time I was searching for something to be involved in.  I wanted to become involved in my community, help out.  I wanted to focus on leading a healthy, active lifestyle.  Most importantly, I wanted to make friends with positive, good people.  When I came across this sweet little blog, I figured it was meant to be.  I immediately emailed for more information, before I could change my mind.  I even wrote that making contact was out of my norm, and I needed words of encouragement to persuade me to come out to a run.  I thank Erin for giving me that encouragement, and I am so thankful I took that leap.

If someone had told me a year ago I'd be competing in a 6.2 mile beach run, I would have told them to get real!  But I can't tell you how awesome it was to be running up to that finish line and seeing 1:01:something (cause seriously who remembers seconds?) on the time clock!  And I'm so excited I got to share it with you Grrrls!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Here's our next race...

We chose our next race.  The WALK AWAY FROM INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE 5K.  All of the proceeds go to the San Luis Women's Shelter.  In order to register you have to go to their website, print out a form and mail a check to them.  The registration fee is $25.00.  Or if you want to register the morning of the race it's $30.00.  This is gonna be a good one!



Just posting this again!!!  Getting the word out!  Show us some love people!

Monday, April 12, 2010

San Luis Mountain Run.

I just posted this on my other blog last night.  But I thought I should post it on this one... since it is a "running blog".  So, here it is.  All about my first race!!!

Okay.  Just got home a little bit ago.  Did my first race EVER this morning.  It was the San Luis Mountain Run 10k up Madonna Mountain.  It was sooo much fun.  I was super nervous all week long.  I was having some serious anxiety about it and I don't know why. 

But I slept good last night... only got up once because Claire had to pee and then woke up on time feeling rested.  I wasn't nervous at all this morning.  We got there and it was absolutely 
FREEZING.  My poor little ones had to hang out in that icy, drizzly mess while I ran.  So, Lane was there with the girls and my parents came out to cheer me on.  They made signs out of cardboard boxes that said, "Go Mommy Go!"  Cute:)  And fun to see as was I running my a$$ off toward the finish line.

I've never ever run a race before so it was fun to be there.  I've always been told that you run faster when you race just because your adrenaline takes over... I think it's true.  I kept a pretty good pace considering that the first 2.5 miles were 
STRAIGHT UP a giant mountain.  I power walked up quite a bit of that and then ran my fastest and hardest on all of the flatter parts and downhills.  Running on trails as fast as you can is a really good feeling.  There are times when I felt kind of out of control but it was so much fun!!!

And then after we went to Klondikes and ate TONS of pizza.  Yum.

So I'm waiting for the results to be posted (seriously checking the website every five minutes) because we didn't stick around after... the kids were over it.  But I'm pretty sure I placed 6th or 7th for women.   Not bad for my first trail race:)  And I averaged a 9:17 pace even with all that climbing.  I'm pretty freaking proud of myself.  Can you tell?

So, next weekend we have Miracle Miles for Kids!!!  Our first race together!  I hope everyone is super excited, cause it's gonna be fun!  Just get out there and run your hardest!  See you there!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Meet Lacy...

Meet Lacy!

1.  What are the top three must have songs on your iPod?  
It's hard to narrow it down to 3, so a few of my favorites to run with are:
Walkin' On Sunshine (Oh, oh)! - Katrina (I dunno, someone from the 80s)
Life, Love and the Meaning Of - Billy Currington
Don't Stop the Music - Rihanna
2.  If there were a movie made about your life, who would play you?
Natalie Portman - because she's brunette, petite, beautiful, and educated!

3.  What do you order at In N Out?
#2 - cheeseburger (onions and all), fries, and iced tea

4.  Angelina or Jen?
I like both for different reasons, but to choose just one - I favor Jen.

5.  Lipstick or mascara, and why?
I can go without make up, but I can't go without mascara.  I feel too naked going out in public without it!

6.  What’s your guilty pleasure?
Chocolate, Ben & Jerry's, fro yo - anything sweet really.  

7.  Winter, spring, summer or fall?  And why?
Probably Fall.  It's usually the best time of year here, because the weather is great and the tourists are back to school!

8.  Why do you run?  Or why do you want to start running?
I run because it is a great stress reliever.  I'm in control of it.  I focus on it, and I have to be disciplined to do it.  It's time to myself for myself.  I run, because it makes me feel good, accomplished.  It gets me outdoors, keeps me active and in shape.  I love to feel the blood pumping through my veins, the breathing, the ache in my muscles, the sweat on my body, the pavement at my feet, the wind against my skin.  Running makes me feel strong, healthy, and alive.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Meet Megan...

Meet Megan aka Meggie Mayhem!!!

1. What are the top three must have songs on your iPod?  
I really love these songs, in no particular order: I still care for you by Ray LaMontagne, When you thought you would never stand out by Copeland and Everlong by Foo Fighters (Definitely a top three song!) When I run though, Lady Gaga and Black-eyed Peas will do nicely.

 2. If there were a movie made about your life, who would play you?
Kate Winslet because I think she is brilliant and I've been told that I look like her (I wish!!!!).

3. What do you order at In N Out?
Hamburger, no onions, mustard and extra pickles!

4. Angelina or Jen?
Jen I guess, I can't support the home wrecker even if she is fiercely beautiful.

5. Lipstick or mascara, and why?
Mascara, without it, I look too sleepy.

6. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Among MANY OTHER guilty pleasures, I do really enjoy a good dirty martini. Grey Goose Vodka please.

7. Winter, spring, summer or fall?  And why?
Spring because the sun lifts my mood, but I do welcome the intermittent downpours and gloomy days.

8.  Why do your run or why do you want to start running?
About a year and a half after I had my baby, who is now three, I realized I needed to start working out for my physical and mental health. In running, I could lose myself and let go of whatever was holding me back that day. Running was actually something I hated until I took the time to really work at it. Now, I love the feeling of empowerment I have after a run and have never felt stronger physically. I don't ever want to stop running!

Monday, April 5, 2010

run till its fun

the other day i came across this question, "what's the best shape you have ever been in?" immediately, i thought back to my high school days. lots of sports, lots of time in the gym, conditioning, training, weights etc. i realized the key word in that season was 'time.'
i had a lot of it.

these days, like most of you, i'm stoked to get an hour to myself. whether it be to rest, nap, read, blog (shameless plug) or run, every minute counts. like many of us running grrrls, the day to day of work, kids, cooking, and cleaning leaves us utterly exhausted. the last thing we want to do is grab our shoes and hit the pavement. yet as i get older i'm realizing more and more how much my physical health directly affects my mental health. running has become less about being fit, and more about helping me stay sane.

when a friend of mind commented on the blog, 'best shape of our lives, inside and out,' it really got me thinking. although i may not be able to be the starting point guard for the SLOHS tigers anymore, i do really feel like in so many ways i am in the best shape of my life.

the interesting thing about running is that it really is so primal. our ancestors used it to survive, its something we are all, or at one time, have been equipped or designed to do. if we can remember back to our schoolyard days we all ran around the playground, we weren't inhibited by shin splints, or aching lungs. we ran freely, and most importantly we had a lot of fun doing it. it wasn't until that dreadful middle school shift that we realized that looking cool did not bode well when you were sweaty from running around playing tag. we traded in our nikes for flip flops and chapstick for lipstick. and thus began our slow demise to thinking we weren't runners.

its crazy to come full circle into adulthood. something that was once so elementary has become so elite. running is suddenly very difficult and reserved for few. well, i'm hear to tell you don't believe the lie! everyone can run. if you don't believe me, just watch the biggest loser. there is nothing more inspiring than seeing these severely overweight people finish a marathon. talk about victory!

i recognize its not for everyone, but i just don't want you to dismiss it out of fear or failure. whatever your motivation is, so be it. if it gets you out there, we're all for it. i'll be honest, for a long time running for me was just general maintenance. i ran to keep up my lifestyle of eating whatever i wanted. and in all honesty i like it, but i have yet to give it my all...  there's been times over the years where i've flirted with falling in love, with giving it my all, but i just haven't been able to cross over. i guess what i'm trying to say is, its a process for a lot of us. you don't have to be sold out for running to come join us.

with that said, there is so much i love about running. i love that i feel strong and empowered, like i can fight any foe or demon... i love that i have my best ideas when i run, and i love that i can talk your ear off and be encouraged in the process.  running as a group, running with the grrrls strengthens, motivates and encourages me like i've never known. each girl i see out there, each one i talk to has a story, and i can't begin to convey how terribly excited that makes me.

so if you've been on the fence, cross on over. i don't think there's ever been a person who's said, 'why did i start running, this is awful!' so come on out, lets get strong together.

-holly aka holla back girl

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Meet Erin...

Meet Erin aka Erin Go Bra-wl!!!

1.  What are the top three must have songs on your iPod
Right now (it changes a lot) :
I Got A Feeling--  The Black Eyed Peas
Telephone--  Lady Gaga and Beyonce
The Fear--  Lily Allen

2.  If there were a movie made about your life, who would play you?
Tina Fey--I love her quirky sense of humor and the hair and height are about right on.

3.  What do you order at In N Out?
Bun, no meat, no cheese, add lettuce, mustard and tomato.  Though, probably, I'd just get fries.

4.  Angelina or Jen?
I gotta go with Jen.  I like the roles she plays--down to earth, funny.  I could see being her friend--after I got over her being so beautiful.

5.  Lipstick or mascara, and why?
I need both but if I had to pick one, I'd pick lipstick.  My lips have no color on their own.

6.  What’s your guilty pleasure?
Starbucks and late night t.v.--The Office, 30 Rock, 24 and Lost.

7.  Winter, spring, summer or fall?  And why?
Spring.  I love the sun, the flowers, the green hills.  I love that the kids are still in school.

8.  Why do you run?  Or why do you want to start running?
I run to get my mama body in shape.  I run to stay sane.  I run cause I love it and it is an escape for me and something that makes me feel alive.

Meet Noelle...

Meet Noelle aka Tighty Whitey!!!

1.  What are the top three must have songs on your iPod?   
"Free Me" by Joss Stone; "Who Knew" by Pink and Christina Aguilera "Keeps Getting Better"

2.  If there were a movie made about your life, who would play you?  

Jennifer Grey prior to the nose job.

3.  What do you order at In N Out? 

The #2 with Grilled Onions.

 4.  Angelina or Jen? 
 Jen....Angelina just scares me.

5.  Lipstick or mascara, and why?  

Lipstick... Red... My Mom says I came out of the womb wearing it.

6.  What’s your guilty pleasure?  

A good dark beer and reality TV

7.  Winter, spring, summer or fall?  And why?  

Fall.  It reminds me of when my husband and I got married and I love the feel in the air.

8.  Why do you run?  Or why do you want to start running?  

I run so I can eat and fit into my jeans.  It also is something I do for myself and no one else.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Meet Julie...

Meet Julie!

1.  What are the top three must have songs on your iPod?  
Beyonce', Lady Gaga, Usher...YIKES, did I just say that? 
2.  If there were a movie made about your life, who would play you?   
Tough question!  I'd have to say Courtney Cox, because I love her in Bedtime Stories when she made her kids eat that wheatgrass cake (or whatever it was), got freaked out when their uncle took them camping, etc....that's totally me!   
3.  What do you order at In N Out? 
Cheeseburger, no onions, fries...ok, I'm hungry now!

4.  Angelina or Jen?   
Definitely Jen....

5.  Lipstick or mascara, and why? 
Mascara...Makes me look awake & I'm more of a chapstick girl.
6.  What’s your guilty pleasure?   
Eating, eating & eating!  Love to eat & love to cook!

7.  Winter, spring, summer or fall?  And why?   
Definitely Fall.  It's got to be the best time here on the Central Coast.  No wind, warm weather & shorts!

8.  Why do you run?  Or why do you want to start running?   
I run because I'm a mom of 3 and life is busy!  Running is my chance to clear my mind, get the blood pumping & to challenge myself.