Monday, April 12, 2010

San Luis Mountain Run.

I just posted this on my other blog last night.  But I thought I should post it on this one... since it is a "running blog".  So, here it is.  All about my first race!!!

Okay.  Just got home a little bit ago.  Did my first race EVER this morning.  It was the San Luis Mountain Run 10k up Madonna Mountain.  It was sooo much fun.  I was super nervous all week long.  I was having some serious anxiety about it and I don't know why. 

But I slept good last night... only got up once because Claire had to pee and then woke up on time feeling rested.  I wasn't nervous at all this morning.  We got there and it was absolutely 
FREEZING.  My poor little ones had to hang out in that icy, drizzly mess while I ran.  So, Lane was there with the girls and my parents came out to cheer me on.  They made signs out of cardboard boxes that said, "Go Mommy Go!"  Cute:)  And fun to see as was I running my a$$ off toward the finish line.

I've never ever run a race before so it was fun to be there.  I've always been told that you run faster when you race just because your adrenaline takes over... I think it's true.  I kept a pretty good pace considering that the first 2.5 miles were 
STRAIGHT UP a giant mountain.  I power walked up quite a bit of that and then ran my fastest and hardest on all of the flatter parts and downhills.  Running on trails as fast as you can is a really good feeling.  There are times when I felt kind of out of control but it was so much fun!!!

And then after we went to Klondikes and ate TONS of pizza.  Yum.

So I'm waiting for the results to be posted (seriously checking the website every five minutes) because we didn't stick around after... the kids were over it.  But I'm pretty sure I placed 6th or 7th for women.   Not bad for my first trail race:)  And I averaged a 9:17 pace even with all that climbing.  I'm pretty freaking proud of myself.  Can you tell?

So, next weekend we have Miracle Miles for Kids!!!  Our first race together!  I hope everyone is super excited, cause it's gonna be fun!  Just get out there and run your hardest!  See you there!


  1. You placed well Erin! Congrats!

  2. Her Broyle(s) HighnessApril 12, 2010 at 9:02 PM

    Bier Me, I'm so happy for you! I'm just so excited to see that you have come through such a difficult season of your life shining like the sun. You have a lot to be celebrating right now!! I love that I get to be a part of it.

  3. Erin you are freaking crazy! You are a huge inspiration to me. We wlil do a trail run together very soon. I've got some work to do...