Monday, April 5, 2010

run till its fun

the other day i came across this question, "what's the best shape you have ever been in?" immediately, i thought back to my high school days. lots of sports, lots of time in the gym, conditioning, training, weights etc. i realized the key word in that season was 'time.'
i had a lot of it.

these days, like most of you, i'm stoked to get an hour to myself. whether it be to rest, nap, read, blog (shameless plug) or run, every minute counts. like many of us running grrrls, the day to day of work, kids, cooking, and cleaning leaves us utterly exhausted. the last thing we want to do is grab our shoes and hit the pavement. yet as i get older i'm realizing more and more how much my physical health directly affects my mental health. running has become less about being fit, and more about helping me stay sane.

when a friend of mind commented on the blog, 'best shape of our lives, inside and out,' it really got me thinking. although i may not be able to be the starting point guard for the SLOHS tigers anymore, i do really feel like in so many ways i am in the best shape of my life.

the interesting thing about running is that it really is so primal. our ancestors used it to survive, its something we are all, or at one time, have been equipped or designed to do. if we can remember back to our schoolyard days we all ran around the playground, we weren't inhibited by shin splints, or aching lungs. we ran freely, and most importantly we had a lot of fun doing it. it wasn't until that dreadful middle school shift that we realized that looking cool did not bode well when you were sweaty from running around playing tag. we traded in our nikes for flip flops and chapstick for lipstick. and thus began our slow demise to thinking we weren't runners.

its crazy to come full circle into adulthood. something that was once so elementary has become so elite. running is suddenly very difficult and reserved for few. well, i'm hear to tell you don't believe the lie! everyone can run. if you don't believe me, just watch the biggest loser. there is nothing more inspiring than seeing these severely overweight people finish a marathon. talk about victory!

i recognize its not for everyone, but i just don't want you to dismiss it out of fear or failure. whatever your motivation is, so be it. if it gets you out there, we're all for it. i'll be honest, for a long time running for me was just general maintenance. i ran to keep up my lifestyle of eating whatever i wanted. and in all honesty i like it, but i have yet to give it my all...  there's been times over the years where i've flirted with falling in love, with giving it my all, but i just haven't been able to cross over. i guess what i'm trying to say is, its a process for a lot of us. you don't have to be sold out for running to come join us.

with that said, there is so much i love about running. i love that i feel strong and empowered, like i can fight any foe or demon... i love that i have my best ideas when i run, and i love that i can talk your ear off and be encouraged in the process.  running as a group, running with the grrrls strengthens, motivates and encourages me like i've never known. each girl i see out there, each one i talk to has a story, and i can't begin to convey how terribly excited that makes me.

so if you've been on the fence, cross on over. i don't think there's ever been a person who's said, 'why did i start running, this is awful!' so come on out, lets get strong together.

-holly aka holla back girl


  1. awesome post!

  2. I wanna be part of this girls only running club!!!!!!!!!!


    (Id really like it if you ran the san diego race on aug 15th.....)

    that would make me SUPER happy!