Thursday, April 1, 2010

Meet Julie...

Meet Julie!

1.  What are the top three must have songs on your iPod?  
Beyonce', Lady Gaga, Usher...YIKES, did I just say that? 
2.  If there were a movie made about your life, who would play you?   
Tough question!  I'd have to say Courtney Cox, because I love her in Bedtime Stories when she made her kids eat that wheatgrass cake (or whatever it was), got freaked out when their uncle took them camping, etc....that's totally me!   
3.  What do you order at In N Out? 
Cheeseburger, no onions, fries...ok, I'm hungry now!

4.  Angelina or Jen?   
Definitely Jen....

5.  Lipstick or mascara, and why? 
Mascara...Makes me look awake & I'm more of a chapstick girl.
6.  What’s your guilty pleasure?   
Eating, eating & eating!  Love to eat & love to cook!

7.  Winter, spring, summer or fall?  And why?   
Definitely Fall.  It's got to be the best time here on the Central Coast.  No wind, warm weather & shorts!

8.  Why do you run?  Or why do you want to start running?   
I run because I'm a mom of 3 and life is busy!  Running is my chance to clear my mind, get the blood pumping & to challenge myself.  

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