Sunday, October 10, 2010

City to the Sea!

What is it about race day mornings that are so exciting?  I didn't even run, and I was way pumped to be there.  Tons of people about to achieve something great.  Families and friends cheering and showing their support.  You can just feel the excitement, nerves, and adrenaline in the air.  I'm telling you, it's contagious.

My favorite part of races (besides the finish) is the start.  When everyone is piled behind the start line, jumping in place, doing a last minute stretch, taking that one last deep breath.  When there's like a minute till race time, and everyone is screaming and cheering and clapping.  And then, the take off....

When Lealah and I met up with you guys again at the 5 miles marker, you guys looked great!  You all looked like you could easily take on another 8 miles.  There were smiles are your faces, all still showing energy and enthusiasm.  This was what you had been training for, and it showed.

First to come through was Holly and her main man.

Then Jess and Erin...



And Cheryl.

Here Michelle comes....

And there Michelle goes.

Before I could even prepare for Drea coming, she was going!

Go Amy!

We were so excited to see Monse (I hope I spelled that right) and Jess come through.

Lealah, our dedicated cheerleader rolled up her poster and used it as a megaphone to cheer them in.

And my favorite part of this picture, is the look on that guys face as he was running by.

I tried so hard to get everyone's pictures as they came through the finish line.  Unfortunately, I didn't get everyone's.  I know some of you are probably going to be embarrassed by your post race appearance, but I figure the pictures are small enough that you can't see details.  So don't hate me!  =)  You all look pretty good for for racing 13 miles during a scorcher!

I'm gonna tell you guys the truth.  Even before I encountered this injury, I was really hesitant about training for a half marathon.  The idea alone scared the crap out of me.  It wasn't just the fact that I would be running 13.1 miles, but from San Luis to Shell Beach.  I mean, sometimes the drive alone seems really far!

Today, you all inspired me.  Like Lealah always says "Running is 10% physical, and 90% mental." I've come to totally believe the statement.  I was freaking out about this half marathon months ago.  The commitment to train seemed way out of my league.  I just did not feel ready.  Then I got injured and didn't have a choice.  I wasn't gonna be able to do it, like it or not, ready or not.

I am so proud of each and everyone of you.  You trained hard.  You believed in yourselves.  You overcame those voices in your head questioning your ability.  You are now amongst the (I believe) less than 2% of people who can say they ran and completed a half marathon.  


"The miracle isn't that I finished.  The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
-John Bingham, running speaker and writer

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I've been sitting here for at least 20 minutes trying to figure out the best way I want to start this post. Honestly, I think the title says it all. You, the women of Running Grrrl, never cease to amaze me. I am so proud to be apart of this group and amongst women who inspire me.

After Sundays event, I couldn't even put into words what I felt.  Which I almost feel kind of silly for saying, because I didn't even do half the leg work!  It was the success of the event as a whole that really got to me.  When I got home, I called my mom right away.  I had to share with someone how awesome we did!  Well, my mom's actually in Holland on business right now.  I woke her up at 2:30 am, just to tell her how impressed I was that we raised over $2,000!  I said "Mom, we haven't even been a club for a year, and we just raised over 2,000 dollars!  Can you imagine once word gets out about our club?  When we become more prominent in the community?  Just think of the difference we can make!"  

But you know, we're already making a difference.  Not only in the lives of each of us as individuals, but in the lives of the family we just helped.  The gratitude shown by the one in need nearly brought me to tears.  I, in a small yet significant way, helped change this person's life.  No matter how small my role may have been, it was appreciated.  And all our roles combined, made for one kick ass, successful fundraising event!

People came.  They donated.  They played.  They sang.  They visited.  And a lucky few won some really great prizes!

 Unfortunately, I'm gonna be totally honest here and admit, I have no idea who our face painters were!  But they sure were some talented young ladies!  It was very nice and greatly appreciated that they volunteered their warm Sunday afternoon to come out there and do that for us.  Perhaps, they are Running Grrrls in the making?

I'm pretty sure we had the coolest carnival games ever.  Lori (and I'm not sure who helped) thank you so much for lending us your talents!  I had no idea you were such an amazing artist!  The games seemed to be a big hit amongst the kids.  I saw a little girl wearing her prize winning rings on nearly every one of her fingers on both of her hands.  I thought that was pretty cute!  She must have felt like a million bucks winning all those prizes!

I was glad to see a lot of the kids participating in the Cupcake Walk.  Cassandra made it easy when all they had to do was land in a chair and claim their goodies! I'm sure they just kept their eye on the cupcake prize!

It couldn't have been a more perfect day for a water balloon toss.  Although it seemed to be more of a water balloon throw for the younger kids.  I think they just enjoyed the splashing of the water.  At least most of them.... 

Overall, I don't think we could have asked for a better event.  We by far exceeded our expectations with the turn out we had and the money we raised.  The help of every Running Grrrl and her family has been noted and appreciated.  This wouldn't have been possible without you.

A special thanks to and Transitions Mental Health. We appreciate your efforts and for partnering with us on this event. Thank you for squashing the stigma associated with mental illness! Your efforts are recognized and appreciated. 

Also, to our talented musicians.  Matt Cross and his beautiful wife, Kristopher Stipech, and The Lakes (whom I unfortunately did not get a picture of).

And a HUGE thanks to everyone who came and donated their time and talents, those who couldn't donate time but money, and those who donated items for our raffle!  Mary Kelting Photography for her booth and the photo session.  Spencer's Fresh Markets for the water.  Something Sacred for the gift basket.  The Gym in Grover Beach for the 6 month free membership. The Garden Restaurant in the Embassy Suites Hotel in SLO. Trader Joe's of SLO for gift baskets. Starbucks in Los Osos for gift baskets. Tenaya Lodge and Spa in Yosemite. SLO the Stigma for donated t-shirt. The Growing Grounds in SLO for two gift baskets. Eclair Bakery in the village of Arroyo Grande for donated raffle prize. 

-- Lacy aka Lace Up And Go