Sunday, May 16, 2010

Walk Away 5k Pictures!

Hi Grrrls!  Lacy here aka Lace Up & Go.  That's right, I finally have nickname.  I thank Mariah aka Shorty Schwarts for bringing it to my attention in her "Meet" post.  "Running for me is a release and is something I can do no matter where I am.  Lace up and go!"  Totally fitting and perfect!

I have tons of pictures to post from this event.  I asked my mom if she would be photographer, so you can all thank the crazy lady you saw in the bushes snapping your pictures as you ran by!  We had a great turn out of girls, and you all did great.  I should also mention that you are all so beautiful!  I mean that not only for the people you are and the joy I get from being in your company, but also because after going through these pictures, there were hardly any bad ones!  And seriously, who looks good when they run??  We do!  Because we're totally awesome and have sweet shirts so we stand out!  And it makes it even better that people are noticing!

I told my mom, "Can you take pictures of each girl as they run by or come through the finish line, or both?!!!"  I though it would be kinda nice to get some individual "in action" shots.  She did really well.  I'm sorry I don't have some of everyone, but the ones she did manage to get turned out great!  

I love meeting up with our team after the race.  It's the best part of the whole thing.  I like hearing how everyone did, what they thought about the run, what their experience was (like when they got lost and made the wrong turn - haha, sorry girls, I had to tease a little bit) basically just relaxing and feeling good about what we just did.

Of course, I have to mention our littlest Running Grrrl.  The proud, accomplished look on her face when she ran through the finish line was adorable.  So shout out to Lily for being amazing and completing her first 5k!  I don't think anyone can rock a tutu quite like you can! (Which I admit, I'm totally jealous of)!

Intimate Partner Violence, it even sounds dirty and terrible.  Like Erin (I think) said in the post before, you just don't think about that stuff happening around here in our quiet little community, but it does.  I never really thought about it before this run, but I guarantee you I will think of it more often now.  Being apart of this run, has opened my eyes to the difference we are making.  To know that my love (yes, I love it now) for running is in some way going to help a woman in her time of need, when she feels she has nowhere else to go, at a time when she feels lonely and scared....I can't explain how rewarding that makes me feel.  I hope it makes you all feel the same. 


  1. Good post Lacy!!! Loved this! I'm so glad that you always take pictures! And I totally agree. How cute was Lily??? She was adorable! Thanks again for blogging about our 5k. You're awesome!

  2. Lacy, love the nickname... so cool of you to do this for the team! i think you may have found your calling! thanks to your sweet mom for taking all the pics! we love having you on the team.