Thursday, July 22, 2010

Who Doesn't Wanna Be Recognized?!

So as women we all know that sometimes being a woman is a thankless job. Not to say that it's a "job" to be a woman, but really it is work to be a "good woman." And all of us would agree that there is a difference between being the woman we sometimes wanna be and the one we ARE being...tirelessly. I've had plenty of conversations with you ladies where we discuss the stats: we work, clean, organize, take care of kids if you got 'em, plan, nurture, look good, smell good, accommodate, mediate, listen, sympathize, empathize, etc. etc. And the reward? Well, that's just it, a lot of times there is no outside reward. The reward is the simple, personal satisfaction we get knowing that we have managed to do all of this in a day's work and we're still living, laughing, loving, and running:)

Well Running Grrrl wants you all to know that we recognize you! We see all that you're doing. We acknowledge how difficult it is to make dinner every night (and I'm not talking scrambled eggs like me) but a delicious home-cooked meal, from a recipe (and then bring a bowl of it over for your best friend who doesn't cook)! We see that you get up everyday to raise children into people and those little people are lovely and vivacious! We recognize that you get up faithfully and get dressed, put on your makeup, balance your checkbook, grocery shop, and clean the house, with a smile, in spite of the depression and anxiety that may be churning in you. We see that you get up every day before sunrise to drive to work to a job you don't love just so your family can have benefits. We see that you're driving to a job you do love but it divides your life and spreads you thin. We recognize that you get up on Saturdays, your one day to sleep in possibly and come out to run with a group of women you hardly knew six months ago. We see all of this and are speechless. In awe of the women you are choosing to be and not the women you sometimes wanna be.

So here at Running Grrrl, we've decided that there really can't be enough recognition, acknowledgement, verbal praise...because it's kinda like Dr. Bravo says (he's kind of like the God of parenting sometimes, so I really listen when he talks) "you can never give a child too much love." And that's how we feel about you. We can never love you too much or say too many good things about you. So, with that said, we are announcing the start of RUNNING GRRRL OF THE MONTH: SPOTLIGHT'S ON YOU! In August, with the roll out of our new website, it will also feature a Running Grrrl of the month. She will be recognized for all of her amazing RG qualities. This means not just her skill as an athlete but really what is at the core of RG and that is, what makes you authentic, unique, special, and an amazing woman. We want you all to know that being a RG has about 10% to do with athletic ability and 90% to do with the heart, what makes you tick. You are encouraged to nominate a RG (either by emailing us, or on the blog if you'd like) that you think embodies some of these dynamic qualities and each month she will be featured on the site. And of course, you all know I love gifts, so she will most definitely receive a little something she can cherish (I know you all covet the dollar store beer mugs still).

Thank you again for all you do, as women, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, coworkers, wives, friends, and Running Grrrls. We love you!
-Her Broyle(s) Highness-


  1. This made my day! Thanks ladies for the praise. Dr. Bravo is (of course!) right...always great to feel the love <3

  2. Me too! I truly felt encouraged and inspired about the role I have. Thanks for the encouragement, I need it all the time.

  3. i nominate brownie got back.

    i don't think i need to explain why..everyone knows she's amazing!