Saturday, June 12, 2010

13.1 Miles. No problem.

Today after our run we discussed getting ready for the City to Sea Half Marathon, coming up this October.  Like Lealah said, you'll need to commit to running a few times a week to get your body ready.  And we'll all eventually work our way up to long runs on the weekends... 8 to 10 miles or so.  The thing is, anyone can run 13.1 miles.  You just have to commit and be realistic about it.  If you wanna do it, you have to train.  Not only should you look at it as, "I'm gonna run 13.1 miles!!!  Holy crap!", but you should also go into expecting to have a good time doing it and not feeling like you wanna die.

This is the training schedule I used to train for my first half marathon last month.  It's super simple and easy to follow.


And it'll have to do until we'll get a little training schedule up on the website.

Good luck ladies!  Let's do this!



  1. i think im gonna do it!! ahhhh


  2. thanks for the plan Erin! yea, I used his plan for the Miracle Miles 10K, and I survived it so I know this guy is legit :). I'm still thinking and praying about the half-marathon so we'll see. 13.1 miles...hmmm...

  3. woot! The north county bandits will see you there ;)

  4. I am seriously considering!


  5. My comment didn't save but basically i was saying yay I'm so excited to do this training. I'm on day 3! it's soo nice having a schedule to follow. Can't wait to run my first halfie!!